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Greetings Simon Family!

As always, it's my privilege and honor to serve as principal of Abram Simon Elementary School, the "pride on the hill"!  We are off to a wonderful start to SY 2023-2024 as we are committed to R.O.A.R. out L.O.U.D!  Simon is moving on up as we strive to live out our mission and vision to become "an exemplar 21st century school where students engage, enjoy, and excel as they become change agents in an ever-evolving world."
I'm happy to report that teachers are teaching, students are learning, and lots of joy and happiness is filling our hallway!  As we come to the end of the first quarter, here are a few reflections and requests...
  1. None of this works without you.  Please partner with us in as many ways a possible to ensure the success of our children.  Check your children's bookbags daily for homework and notices.  Ensure you are connected via Class Dojo.  Participate in school events.  Communicate any concerns and suggestions with us.  We are in this together!
  2. Students need to be in school, EVERY DAY AND ON TIME!  Please ensure your babies are here before 8:45 each day and stay in school until dismissal in order to ensure they receive all the instruction that they need to be successful.  We appreciate you limiting late arrival and early dismissal for the purposes of health appointments and/or emergencies ONLY.   Please be reminded that early dismissal ends at 2:45 pm.
  3. Our students are brilliant, sweet, and inquisitive! They have all grown so much already and we are proud of the work they and their teachers have done. 
  4. We are here to help!  Simon is privileged to have the support of many community partners who provide a variety of services and resources.  Please reach out to the school if there is anything you might need.  We can't help you if we don't know what you need.  Communication is key!
Please be on the lookout for upcoming events and opportunities to engage with administration.  Know that I don't take this assignment lightly and am here to use my voice and position to elevate us all!  As always, I love you and there's nothing you can do about it. 
In Service,
Principal Eborn

Bullying Prevention
Citywide Youth Bullying Prevention Program
– created in June 2013 – aims to reduce incidents of bullying across the District by emphasizing prevention and proper procedures for responding when incidents occur. The program works with youth-serving government agencies, District schools and youth-serving government grantees to ensure bullying prevention policies are adopted and implemented in ways consistent with the best practices adopted by the Youth Bullying Prevention Task Force. The best practices are demonstrated in the Task Force’s District-wide Model Bullying Prevention Policy, released in January of 2013.

Immunization Information 

To attend schools, students must be current with their immunizations. Immunization compliance is documented by submitting a completed Universal Health Certificate to the school at the time of enrollment.
A series of medical forms, DCPS School Enrollment Packet.pdf, should be turned in to the school as part of the enrollment process, and any updated forms throughout the school year should be submitted to the school nurse.

 DCPS Anti-Discrimination Statement

 DCPS recently issued a new DCPS Anti-Discrimination Policy. To ensure our school communities are aware of DCPS’ commitment to preventing and addressing discrimination, all schools are required to update their school websites with this anti-discrimination statement and translations 

and submit confirmation of their update using this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uUVDaL0mkSlvFQBiXDPixyBfXtmV62nDVCMFdIX5j4w.  Please note that this information must be placed in a highly visible location on your school’s website and changes must comply with website accessibility standards. Website accessibility standards require that web content is accessible to blind users, deaf users and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technology. (Update: Spanish, Amharic and Chinese translations now available)


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Partnership & Programs

Hello Partners,

We are continuously recruiting volunteer tutors to support our school partner sites across the city.  This school year we are working to engage over 2,000 plus volunteers to serve our students.  We are soliciting your assistance in this endeavor and asking if you can please share our recruitment needs in your flyers, newsletters, parent announcements, weekly emails, etc.  Our Program Coordinators, Program Managers and other staff on-site can also provide assistance and answer any immediate questions if needed.

Please find below our QR code that directs individuals to our website to register to volunteer.  If emailing is preferred, individuals can also send an email to volunteerDC@readingpartners.org.  Please share with your network and community. 

We also would like to invite your network and community to participate in our family workshops.  

RP Child Psychology Workshop: Child Play Therapy and Rational Sign Up

This initial general session will preview how trauma can impact the behaviors we see in our students and how we can use child play therapy principles to redirect these behaviors and help establish good relationships with our students. Please share and use the above hyperlink to register.

Thank you in advance for your support and sharing this with your network.

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